Drug discovery vendors landscape

To create the drug discovery landscape we looked at companies both success in the market and their capability to deliver. As a proxy for capability to deliver we used company size. We explain how we assess company size here.

For success in the marketplace, we analyzed companies’ FDA pipeline. The number of FDA submissions of company and stage of these submissions are a good indicator of company’s success as a drug discovery company. Submission process has 5 overall categories: “Preclinical“, “Phase 1“, “Phase2“, “Phase 3” and “IND“. Considering that each step of submission process has different difficulty, we decided on different coefficients for each step when we calculated total FDA submission scores of companies. Coefficients are: Preclinical: 0,2, Phase 1: 0,4, Phase 2: 0,6, Phase 3: 0,8 and IND: 1. Read more