If you want to see the full list of AI companies, we have 600+ enterprise AI companies already categorized. You can reach the full list here. Wanted to provide the source data before I play the pundit.

As for punditry, I’ll try to be data driven. First, I exclude B2C AI companies as we don’t track them yet. Then, I assume you are interested in companies that raised less than $10M, as a pre-seed+seed+series A can accumulate to $10M.

Let’s also define awesome! To me, an awesome company needs to punch above its weight. Ideally, that means more revenue than expected but revenue is a hard to get metric for startups. So I picked companies that had more customer references and buzz compared to companies launched at similar times and raised similar amounts. To do this quickly, I examined a few of the popular AI use cases like predictive maintenance but the list can get a bit more interesting when I have a bit more time to play the pundit and include other AI use cases as well.

Without further ado, here comes the list. For detailed info on each company, you can follow the link to their profile on appliedAI.com or for more info you can visit their website:

Sales – Predictive sales:

Cien: Profile and home page

TopOPPS: Profile and home page

FunnelWise: Profile and home page

Customer service – End-to-end chatbot providers:

DigitalGenius: Profile and home page

Eloquent Labs: Profile and home page

Operations – Predictive maintenance & predictive analytics:

Falkonry: Profile and home page

Other examples include PrediktoPresenso and Alluvium

IT – Cybersecurity:

TopSpin Security – Deception security

CheckRecipient – Secure communications:

SecBI – Analytics

Fintech – Fraud dedection:

Dimebox: Profile and home page

Neurensic: Profile and home page

Ayasdi: Profile and home page

These are exciting AI companies but this is still a very incomplete list. Feel free to make some suggestions and to check out the full list of AI vendors which includes pre-seed, seed, series A-X and public AI companies.

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