4 advantages of appliedAI vendor selection system

Here’s the 30 second solution: Choose the use case where you need a solution, give us your email and company name and we will get back to you with 48 hours with a list of relevant vendors. Here’s the form you need.

Current vendor selection process is broken

Now that you know the solution, let me try to convince you why it makes sense: Vendor selection is broken. And we start fixing it from the beginning: Choosing a shortlist of vendors.

To get your home remodeled, you don’t need to spend hours searching reviews and specs. You would go to thumbtack where you can find vendors, their references and reviews. You can get quotes on the platform and deal with all aspects of buying the service. Btw, I am sure some people still choose the difficult path and do the research themselves, but the more efficient method is definitely to go with thumbtack. Let’s compare that with the B2B experience.

Let’s say you need to build a recommendation system for your e-commerce business. First, you need to search online for potential vendors. And there’s more than 50 of them. It will take you at least a day to do this properly

Then, you need a method to compare the vendors so you don’t need to contact all 50 of them and get lost in the communication. Should you consider how many references they have from your industry? Good luck finding that with most vendors. You will likely get a long list of logos, not even filterable by industry. Or should you consider the company’s financial viability, its funding levels and profitability. It would take days to compile all this data.

We are fixing the broken process with a simple, easy solution

Alternative to days of labor that we described above: Provide us your company and the solution you are looking for and forget about this task for 2 days. So how does it work?

We first analyze your company quickly, understanding its industry, size and challenges.

Next, we query this against our database where we have detailed data on all B2B AI vendors such as their

  • Financial viability
  • Customer success
  • Solution setup time
  • Pricing
  • Support

Then, we send you your shortlist. For free. After you see the list, you can either choose to contact the vendors yourself or you can just ask us to share your contact information with vendors.

Concerned that we may not be examining all vendors? Ask us about any vendor that is not in our list and we can tell you the reason. It’s either because they don’t have references¬† in your industry or because they tend to work with larger or smaller companies.

Now that we are ready to save hours from your vendor search, feel free to explore AI solutions that can transform your business. Or if you know the solution you need, give us a heads up with a simple form in 30 seconds and get your shortlist.

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