You want to learn more about how RPA can help your business. You want to hear real-world examples, leverage experience of experts and understand your different options regarding RPA. We have plenty for you to learn from such as comprehensive RPA guide, checklist for RPA tool selection or RPA implementation best practices but conferences are also a great place to learn and network.

We prepared this sortable comprehensive list so you can easily sort by city or date or other parameters to find the right conference for your interest.

SSON Intelligent Automation World Series 2018Online02/12/201802/15/2018
Automation, AI & Digital Innovation EventParisFrance03/13/201803/13/2018
Shared Services & Outsourcing WeekOrlandoUSA03/19/201803/22/2018
RPA & AI ExchangeLondonUK03/20/201803/21/2018
Operational Excellence in Financial ServicesAustinUSA03/26/201803/28/2018
PEX Process Excellence EuropeLondonUK04/16/201804/18/2018
WorkFusionASCEND SummitNew York CityUSA05/17/201805/18/2018
Blue PrismBlue Prism WorldNew York CityUSA05/22/201805/22/2018
AI & Robotic Process Automation SummitBerlinGermany06/12/201806/14/2018
Blue PrismBlue Prism WorldLondonUK06/13/201806/13/2018
Shared Services & Outsourcing WeekLisbonPortugal06/14/201806/17/2018
WorkFusionASCEND SummitLondonUK06/TBD/201806/TBD/2018
Intelligent Automation Financial ServicesLondonUK07/09/201807/11/2018
Intelligent AutomationChicagoUSA07/30/201808/02/2018
IQPCRPA North Asia Summit 2018Hong KongHong Kong08/28/201808/29/2018
IQPCRPA Malaysia Summit 2018Kuala LumpurMalaysia09/25/201809/26/2018
we.CONECTCognitive Business AutomationFrankfurtGermany09/26/201809/28/2018
we.CONECTCognitive FinanceFrankfurtGermany10/07/201810/09/2018
WorkFusionASCEND SummitMumbaiIndia10/TBD/201810/TBD/2018
Intelligent Automation WeekLondonUK11/26/201811/28/2018

*If organizer frequently organizes AI events

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