Automated Machine Learning Software/ Tools: In depth Guide

We explained autoML in detail. Now it is time to figure out the right software for auto ML for your business.

3 Types of AutoML Solution Providers

Open Source

AI is one of the few scientific areas were despite significant corporate investment, even secretive tech giants like Apple publish their research findings. Therefore it should not be surprising that there are competitive open source autoML tools.

All open source tools we came across, need an active development environment in Python or R and require the user to write at least a few lines of code to initiate the automated machine learning process. Read more


Automated Machine Learning: In depth Guide [2018]

Automated machine learning has the potential to greatly increase the productivity of data scientist and democratize machine learning tools. It can be a powerful solution to the well documented scarcity of data scientists.

What is automated machine learning?

According to Wikipedia:

Automated machine learning (AutoML) is the process of automating the end-to-end process of applying machine learning to real-world problems.

Automated ML solutions aim to automate some or all steps of the machine learning process which includes:

  • Data pre-processing
  • Feature engineering
  • Feature extraction
  • Feature selection
  • Algorithm selection & hyperparameter optimization

Since accuracy of machine learning solutions can be measured, automated systems can fine-tune data, features, algorithms and hyperparameters of algorithms to generate accurate models relying on established machine learning knowledge and trial&error. Read more


60 Top Data Science Tools: In-depth Guide [2018 update]

Data science tools are evolving. There are 2 classes of tools emerging:

  1. Self-service tools for those with technical expertise (programming skills and understanding of statistics and computer science)
  2. Tools for business users that automate commonly used analysis

Learn the most popular data science tools for techies

Becoming data scientist is hard. In any hard task, focus is critical. As a data scientist, Python should probably be the first tool you should master.

Kaggle, the community for data science competitions, publishes surveys of data scientist such as their “2017 the State of Data Science” report. Below, you can find the most popular tools from their survey:

Python and R are the top performers. Other sources such as KDNuggets’ poll results also support this: Read more


Data Science Consulting & Consultants in 2018:In-depth Guide

Graph of Google search trends on data science

Interest in data science grew >5x during the last 5 years as you can see above.

However it is still not clear to many how data science consulting is different than regular consulting. After all, consulting is supposed to be about making data-driven decisions. A critical difference is that data science consultants leave their clients with reusable operational models. However, most regular consulting projects answer important but one-off questions and do not leave clients with operational decision making models. Read more