Top chatbots for your business

Top chatbots for your business

While we were writing about major chatbot failures and top chatbots, we started noticing and documenting the areas where chatbots really add value to businesses. Now we are ready to explain how businesses in different industries can use chatbots:

Chatbot solutions for any industry

  • Customer service
    • Resolving customer queries
    • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Marketing
    • Recommendations: Recommending the right products to the customer based on her verbal feedback
    • Understanding your customers: Asking the right questions at the right times on your application or website
  • Sales
    • Customer outreach is better when bots write the first reply. For example while reaching out to SMEs, you can send automated emails and chatbots can respond immediately to leads. Reduction in response times is one of the biggest boosts to conversion as demonstrated by this study by
  • HR
    • Keeping pulse of your employees has never been easier. Integrate chatbots like Polly into your collaboration environment like Slack to monitor their satisfaction and productivity.

Industry-specific chatbot solutions

  • e-Commerce: Chatbots can add a new layer of interactivity to e-commerce, allowing customers to interact beyond menus and buttons. Major use cases are:
    • Shop with conversational commerce unlock more options
    • Set price alerts
    • Choose gifts
  • Media: News is one of the few fields where speed is as important as quality. And while bots certainly outmatch us in speed, they are also catching up to us in quality. News organizations in the US and China are already using chat bots to prepare lightning fast news
  • Finance:
    • Investment: Robo-advisors are getting smarter everyday and will soon serve as the first level of advisor for most non-affluent customers.
    • Credit: Just as robo-advisor chatbots are taking over investment advisors, chatbots are also capable of collecting necessary data for credit decisions
  • Travel: All the way from booking travel to solving travel related problems, chatbots have the potential to help. New ventures like Instalocate are already making money by solving people’s travel related problems.

Hope we could help you identify how you could use bots in your business. If you also need our help in finding the right vendors, let us know.

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