4 online RPA trainings by top providers [2018 edition]

We get a lot of questions from those who want to learn to be RPA programmers. There is  a few good trainings we have noticed and categorized according to the providers:

Online education providers


RPA software companies


UiPath’s Community Edition is one of the top free RPA solutions and they have an extensive training package to build UiPath developer community

Automation Anywhere

Though Automation Anywhere is not freely available, Automation Anywhere University offers online trainings.


WorkFusion Express is a relative newcomer as a free RPA solution but already has a vibrant community of developers and a digital training academy: WorkFusion Automation Academy Read more

CarLabs is transforming the car sales process with chatbots

We had a chance to interview Martin Schmitt, co-founder and CEO of CarLabs and his team. They explain in detail how and why chatbots should be embraced by automotive companies.

Would be happy to hear the founding story of CarLabs. Why did you choose to focus on the automotive industry?

Martin has been a car nut since birth.  After a successful career in technology, leading engineering for Shopzilla and others, he finally fused his passion for cars and technology and founded New Cars.com   New Cars is a new car lead generating platform that was acquired by one of the largest car shopping portals Cars.com in 2005 for $20 million. Leveraging the auto industry experience gained from Newcars.com and cars.com Martin and co-founder Uzi Eliahou founded CarLabs. Read more

What is the best RPA software?

That depends on your company’s automation needs. So it is impossible to answer this one objectively  but I will answer a similar question: Which is the best funded RPA software provider?

This is a good proxy for success as investors are looking carefully at the RPA space and are betting on companies’ success with their money. So the best funded vendor should be the one that stands to profit most in the long run.

So we looked at the RPA software providers with top funding:

UiPath: $180M

BluePrism: $155M with $55M from previous investors and $100M from their post-IPO placing. Read more

In-Depth Guide for Natural Language Platforms

If you want to do some prereading you can follow our blog posts. Benefits of chatbots and top 20 use cases will show you have to turn this technology into meaningful solutions. Conversational Interfaces and Chatbot posts will be your guide for understanding the concepts. For a detailed list of chatbot companies please see our guide.

There are numerous API providers in the chatbot landscape, the majority of them are focusing on Natural Language Programming (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It is the crucial step to decide since it will be handling the most important step in a conversational interface. But let’s start with definitions; Read more