AIQ B2B sales benchmark

You may have heard that AI is the new electricity and that robots will change work. However, it may not be obvious what you can do now to improve the way you work.

We set out to help enterprises lead the AI revolution. Then we launched two benchmarks that enterprises can use to assess their level of AI adoption. As a marketer, you could complete the marketing personalization benchmark to assess maturity of your personalization efforts. As a sales professional, you could complete the B2B sales benchmark to understand maturity of your sales tech efforts. Aim was to keep our users aware of developments in the sales landscape where bots can listen in to calls to provide in call guidance and analytics.

However, the benchmarks were relatively long and we got the feedback that our usecase lists categorized according to functions were clear enough. So now we are focusing on helping companies that know which AI use cases they will implement but need help on preparing the shortlist of vendors. We prepared a free tool to prepare a shortlist of vendors.

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