AI in Business: Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Your Company

AI in Business: Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Your Company

You probably read tens of articles on AI in business mentioning numerous AI applications or exotic sounding algorithms like deep learning or support vector machines. But you don’t know what you can do with AI for your own business today. We have a solution:

First, AI is a tool and writing in general about AI in business is like writing about computers in business. It helps to be a lot more specific so we will break down AI applications by industry and business function to give you an overview of what AI can achieve. Or just take the shortcut, go to and choose the industry of your business and the business function you work in to identify all AI use cases for your business.

Understand how AI is shaping your industry

Though we are not covering every industry yet, you can find most major industries here. While we provide summaries below, you can find more detailed overviews of impact of AI in different industries on appliedAI’s industry section.


Everyone is talking about self-driving cars but other important use cases are

  • Industrial analytics: As one of the largest manufacturing companies, automotive companies are spending billions on manufacturing. Even small improvements can be impactful.
  • Predictive maintenance: Automotive companies manage the largest robot parks in the world. Predictive maintenance can help automative manufacturers reduce maintenance costs and minimize manufacturing disruptions
  • Digital assistants: Though KITT and most James Bond movies feature talking smart cars, they are hard to come by in the real world. However, it is unlikely to continue like that as cars drive themselves and will need much higher level input from us such as feedback on speed or the address we want to get to.

For more, explore our automotive section including numerous use cases and case studies on the industry.

Understand how AI is shaping your function

We are not covering every business function however you can find most major business functions here. While we provide summaries below, you can find more on appliedAI’s section on AI use cases by business functions.


Marketing can be defined as reaching the customer with the right offer, the right message, at the right time, through the right channel. For each step, AI provides an edge to smart marketers:

  • Personalized recommendations ensure you make the right offer taking into account all
    • digital and analogue interactions (page views, purchases, email opens…) of that customer with your brand
    • that customer’s interactions on different web properties
    • interactions of similar customers
  • Companies like Phrasee suggest personalized messages to match your offers
  • Marketing optimization companies enable your business to reach customers at the right channel. For example, companies like Appzen track customers’ cross-device behavior to ensure that your messages reach the customers at the right channel.

Explore more marketing usecases on appliedAI.

We will be adding new industries and business functions here. In the meanwhile, feel free to reach out to us if you have AI related questions.

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