Looking for better analytics to save lives? Leading healthcare analytics vendors listed here

Looking for better analytics to save lives? Leading healthcare analytics vendors listed here

Some AI use cases are already gaining significant traction with tens of vendors competing providing competitive solutions. In healthcare, analytics is such a use case.

Healthcare is data-rich. Diverse data types like patient data including lab results, diagnosis, payment history need to be stored and analyzed. Systems provided by healthcare analytics vendors allow companies to access numerous data sources within healthcare provider’s own records in different systems. Additionally, they can provide access to data from other healthcare providers and clinical studies. These solutions include capabilities to analyze various data formats including natural language to uncover insights.

IBM WatsonFlatiron Health, Digital Reasoning Systems, Ayasdi, Linguamatics and Health Fidelity, Lumiata, Roam Analytics and Enlitic  are some of the top vendors in patient data analytics. For the whole list of companies in the space, visit our comprehensive healthcare analytics use case guide.

IBM Watson is one of the pioneers in healthcare applications powered by Artificial Intelligence. As a Fortune 100 company, IBM has significant capability to deliver successful solutions in a number of AI use cases. However, IBM’s AI efforts have recently come under fire by analysts for failing to deliver financial results. Additionally, partnership with MD Anderson which was initially celebrated, was canceled after a scathing internal review.

With a star team of investors including Google Ventures and Altos Solutions Inc. FlatIron is one of the most significant players in this space


Recent partnership with HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) puts Digital Reasoning Systems‘ healthcare solution Synthesys in an advantageous position.


Ayasdi serves numerous Fortune Global 500 customers and was chosen “The Technology Pioneers” by World Economic Forum in 2015.



Linguamatics’ products are used by 17 of the top 20 global pharma organizations.


Health Fidelity with ~80 employees and 19.2M investment is a sizable solution provider in the space.



Apixio is one of the best funded players in this space


Founded in 2013, Lumiata is already well capitalized to build its product and its marketing approach.


Roam Analytics raised 21.8M within 4 years of launch allowing the company to spend significantly to build its product and marketing.


MIT Technology Review choose Enlitic one of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2016.

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