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Despite the claims, Robotic Process Automation’s benefits to analytics are limited

Despite the claims, Robotic Process Automation’s benefits to analytics are limited

We had explained RPA extensively in layman’s terms and outlined its benefits. One of the frequently cited benefits is improved analytics and big data analytics has been a priority for executives for the past decade. So how does RPA benefit analytics?

Explore how RPA contributes to analytics

We should consider the analytics funnel above to see where RPA can contribute. Bots have essentially 2 critical functions from a data standpoint:

  1. Create meta data: As they complete tasks, they record their progress and the issues they face for diagnostic purposes. This data can be used for both the client or the RPA provider to identify RPA bugs and improve bot performance.
  2. Enable access to data in legacy systems: Since they overtake tasks that require interfacing with legacy systems, they make previously difficult to access data accessible. This can transform data collection capabilities of enterprises, especially those that depend on legacy systems.
As you can see, bots do not essentially improve analytics capabilities but aid in data collection. Even RPA vendors agree with this, underlining that core benefit of RPA is in data federation: the capability to collect data from many different sources and aggregate it in an easy-to-analyze format.

Explore how data federation can contribute to your company’s performance

Firstly, data federation should not be a major concern for an SME or startup. However for large companies, it is a major concern as legacy systems historically held large companies back in terms of easy access to data. Now with access to granular data about processes, large companies can reap 2 important benefits:

Process optimization thanks to process mining

Granular data about processes can help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, enabling corporations to increase both speed and efficiency of the process. Furthermore, it makes dissemination of best practices easier. Since process flows can easily be visualized with the help of data, process flows in different regions can be compared to find the best processes for the whole company. Read more

Robotic Process Automation – RPA application areas

Robotic Process Automation – RPA application areas

We explained RPA before. RPA has a fancy name and a growing number of providers however few people I have spoken to could pinpoint exact areas where RPA can be applied. Decided to compile a list of all RPA use cases/application areas we have seen so far:


Every business needs to sell to survive. issues in the operations side of selling can result in customer complaints or selling at reduced prices due to clerical errors.

Automating complete sales operations process eliminates these errors and provides fast service to your customers. Since automation processes sales faster than manual processes, customers will receive invoices earlier, leading to earlier payments and improved cash flow. Read more

Top Robotic Process Automation – RPA benefits

Top Robotic Process Automation – RPA benefits

We explained RPA and highlighted that companies essentially face 2 options to minimize effort for repetitive tasks that require little human judgement. These tasks are ripe for automation and enterprises face 2 options for automating them:

  • Upgrade existing legacy systems to modern ones which enable automation
  • Use bots to interface with legacy systems and automate these tasks

Automation has benefits for both the company and the workforce especially when applied to repetitive tasks that reduce employee satisfaction:

Overall benefits

Improved business results: Focusing employees on higher value added activities will result in improved business metrics. Depending on the focus on the business, these could impact top or bottom line. Some positions already serve as stepping stone for higher value added jobs. For example, call center personnel cold calling customers with new offers make the ideal face-to-face sales people as well. Face-to-face sales is easier, with higher conversion rates and higher ticket goods sold. RPA and AI will reduce these stepping stones as those lower-value add positions are automated and humans focus on higher value added activities.
Read more

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help you improve customer experience while reducing costs

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help you improve customer experience while reducing costs

Interest in RPA has grown ~10x in the past 1.5 years. Almost every business has manual processes and RPA helps automate frequent clerical tasks in a company.


No wonder interest in RPA is growing so fast. Manual processes are inefficient, prone to errors and lead to employee dissatisfaction. With RPA companies can

  • increase speed of/reduce errors in customer-facing processes to increase customer satisfaction
  • allows employees to focus on higher value added activities improving both business results and employee satisfaction
  • reduce manual data edits, increasing quality of data and reducing compliance risks

For a more comprehensive list , I recommend you to take a look at our comprehensive list of RPA benefits.

Back office work
Courtesy of Stefan Georgi

How it works

As industrial robots transformed the factory floor, RPA bots transform back offices. Leading RPA vendors program bots to repeat employee actions. Bots replicate employee actions in an automatized way.  To apply RPA, it isn’t a must to know programming. There are many vendors offering simple solutions that can be employed by anyone in the company. If you believe your team can tackle this tasks, we have a comprehensive list of RPA vendors. Read more

How to compare Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendors?

How to compare Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendors?

Almost every business has manual processes. They are inefficient, prone to errors and lead to employee satisfactions. As you can see in our comprehensive guide on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), RPA provides the solution but how do you choose the right vendor? 

First, you can read our guide, it’s great, it’s comprehensive but there’s a shortcut: We can choose the right vendors for you based on the industry, size and needs of your business. Fill out a simple form and get a reply in 48 hours. Read more